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Renew you contract for the next course

Are you a POST-DOC OR A MASTER student

and you already live in Vila and want to extend your contract for the next course?

Follow all the details in this guide and don’t miss a thing!

If you did not live with us last year

Find all the details in the following HANDBOOK TO APPLY ACCOMMODATION

Are you an EXCHANGE student

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How to get Vila

Are you planning to come to Vila?

Check this page out and you will find all the information about how to get the UAB Campus, once here you just have to follow the Vila Universitaria directions.

Or, if you prefer so, look for “Vila Universitari UAB” in Google Maps and you will also find us.


Have you ever gotten a bird’s eye view of the Vila?

Last academic year we recorded an amazing video using the modern technology of remote control drone filming, which is revolutionising many areas in many ways. It helps us see the Vila as we had never seen it before.

Producing it was loads of fun, because we took advantage of Cat Day to film it, and the result is, well, amazing!!

Want to see it?


Are you an exchange student coming to the UAB?

Stay in Vila Universitària!

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