• Housing for 2,193 people

    Vila Universitària is the student housing complex located on the campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB). It consists of more than 600 apartments for 2,100 students, 700 of whom come from other continents.

  • Live in a privileged natural setting

    The Bellaterra campus is located in an extraordinary natural setting. It is a pleasant, comfortable place designed and organised for university life and offering a wide range of services.

  • Enjoy the world. Live in the Vila!

    Almost 2,500 students live in the Vila, 700 of them from more than 25 different countries. Travel without leaving home!

  • Start a new life

    Unique housing which allows you to combine the freedom of a shared apartment with the comforts of residence services.

  • You’ll have the best facilities

    Furnished flats with maintenance service, 24-hour security, reception available to you on a preferential bases and free UAB Wi-Fi.


We remind all our students that on the weekend 9th, 10th and 11th (Monday but it is Catalunya’s National Day) of September, as all the weekends during the rest of the year

the reception will be closed

so, we will not deliver keys or sign contracts

We’ll help you choose flat Vila Universitària

Exchange students places are totally run out for the first semester

Places for this type of students in Vila Universitaria have all been reserved. You can ask to be added at the waiting list or check the off-campus accommodation availability at the following link.

PhD students places in Vila1 (all type of accommodation options but Premium Studios) are run out

For this September 2017 all the places for PhD students are run out, but if you want to come on October, we are managing the waiting list, and it is possible we will have places for then.

Usefull information for exchange an postgraduated students

Exchange and PhD students:

If you want to have usefull information about how to get Vila or the precedures once you get Vila, check the following link.

If you have some question, chek our FAQ section.

How to get Vila

Are you planning to come to Vila?

Check this page out and you will find all the information about how to get the UAB Campus, once here you just have to follow the Vila Universitaria directions.

Or, if you prefer so, look for “Vila Universitari UAB” in Google Maps and you will also find us.

Vila Universitària

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