• Live in a privileged natural setting

    The Bellaterra campus is located in an extraordinary natural setting. It is a pleasant, comfortable place designed and organised for university life and offering a wide range of services.

  • You’ll have the best facilities

    Furnished flats with maintenance service, 24-hour security, reception available to you on a preferential bases and free UAB Wi-Fi.

  • Carnival

    On the 14th we will have a handcrafted costume workshop, while on the 15th from 20:00 p.m. at 10:00 p.m., we will do the preparty of the UAB Carnival, afterwards, all those who like, towards to the Civica. Everything in room C. Do you cheer up?

  • Vila Universitària takes you to Viña Rock

    Participating on the contests of picture, story telling and design on the Gat's 2018 T-shirt, you can win a double ticket to Viña Rock Festival. We'll receive pieces until March 19th!

  • Energy saving contest

    Be the apartment spending less water and electricity until April 6th and do not pay expenses on May and june Contact us via e-mail, Facebook or Whiskers profile on Instagram, and join it!


Regular Opening Hours



From January 8th Vila Universitària offices return to its regular schedule.

Monday to Friday:

From 8am to 8pm to ordinary issues

24 hours for emergencies


Closed with security service

Contests 2018


This year Vila Universitaria takes you to Viña Rock 2018 in Villarobledo. It’s very easy, win one of our contests and one of the double tickets will be yours!

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How to get Vila

Are you planning to come to Vila?

Check this page out and you will find all the information about how to get the UAB Campus, once here you just have to follow the Vila Universitaria directions.

Or, if you prefer so, look for “Vila Universitari UAB” in Google Maps and you will also find us.


Have you ever gotten a bird’s eye view of the Vila?

Last academic year we recorded an amazing video using the modern technology of remote control drone filming, which is revolutionising many areas in many ways. It helps us see the Vila as we had never seen it before.

Producing it was loads of fun, because we took advantage of Cat Day to film it, and the result is, well, amazing!!

Want to see it?


Are you an exchange student coming to the UAB?

Stay in Vila Universitària!

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