At Vila Universitària we have preferential and free access to the Wi-Fi network of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
From Vila, there are three ways to access:


  • You only need to go to the Wi-Fi Networks list and click on “VILA”.
  • A window will pop up, and then you just have to fill in your user (your UAB identification number, called NIU) and your password.
  • The other way to connect is by clicking the “Invited Access” box, so you do not need to fill in the above fields: but the connection will end every 30 minutes, and you will have to do it again every half hour.
  • Mobile devices: download the app GetEduroam > search for “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona” > enter your Niu@uab.cat and password, and give the app permission to connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • MAC, IOS, Linux, Windows 7 or 10 computers: download the file “Eduroam Configuration Assistant“, and install it. You have to enter your username in the format Niu@uab.cat.

If you have doubts or something is wrong, go to the UAB Eduroam website.


Some points of Vila Universtària have a reduced Wi-Fi coverage. We keep on working to make Wi-Fi our main network (for the convenience it offers), but while we reach perfect coverage, we have enabled Ethernet to offer more connection stability in these “black spots” of coverage.


If you want to connect your Smart TV, PlayStation or Chromecast to the Wi-Fi, it’s a little more difficult to explain. Send us a message to delegat.informatic@vilauniversitaria.com, and we’ll help you out!