Environment lovers: Let's recycle!

In Vila Universitaria we couldn’t be greener: we live right next to the Via Verda del Vallès and we’re surrounded by nature and cats! We’ve always tried to do our best when it comes to recycling, although it can be difficult for some of our students (especially the international students if they recycle in a different way in their country). That’s why we’ve made magnets with recycling information for every apartment. Also, our environment representative is meant to help you if you have any question.

A home for everyone

Vila Universitaria is cooperating with the program PIUNE by Fundació Autònoma Solidària to offer apartments that are adapted for reduced mobility students to make sure they make sure it covers their needs.

Give a second chance to your clothes

Vila Universitaria has a Roba Amiga container where you can place the clothes, shoes or accessories that you don’t need anymore. This clothing will take part in many charity projects.

If the container is full, please phone the number that you’ll find written on the container.

You don't need it, but they do!

If you have sheets, blankets, quilts or duvets that you won’t use anymore you can bring them to us and we’ll take it to different organizations. If your bed sheeting is in good state we’ll give them to Arrels, where they are going to distribute them among people with limited resources (we’ve distributed 1140 bed sheets and 360 duvet covers during 2017-2018).

Stomach and heart

In Vila Universitaria we’ve always organized food recollection campaigns, especially during the Christmas and summer break because many students have some spare food and they can’t take it home. If you have canned food or non-opened packages you can bring it to us and we’ll take it to the Banc dels Aliments (Food Bank) in Cerdanyola del Vallès.

Claki: recycling used-cooking oil

Did you know that a liter of cooking oil contaminates 1.000 liters of water?

Please, don’t pour your used cooking oil down the drain… recycling cooking oil is extremely easy with Claki!

What’s Claki?

You’ll receive a Claki bottle in your apartment so you can start pouring your oil into the bottle and when it’s full, just bring it to the office and you’ll receive a new one! Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

Keep in mind that Claki belongs to your apartment, so you can’t take it with you when you leave Vila, otherwise, you’ll be charged.

We’re more than 2.500 people in Vila, if we don’t recycle we are seriously damaging the environment, and it really is very easy!

If you want to know more about Claki, go to the website or don’t hesitate to write us, call us or come and see us.

Thanks for recycling!

The website is in Catalan only, but just in case you feel daring today… here you have it: