SAF – Gym of the UAB

The Physical Activity Service (SAF) is the manager of the sports facilities of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), ie the gymnasium of our university, located on the same campus.

In the SAF you can find practically all the services and activities, and they have perfect facilities to carry them out. Get an idea of what you can expect from SAF with the video bellow and for more details here we leave you their website.

Who can enroll?

Being within the Campus, it is logical that the main target of the services offered and the sports facilities are all the people that form the University Community and their families, to which the UAB subsidizes part of the quote. This does not mean that if you are from a neighboring city and you are interested in coming, you cannot enroll, however, with a different access price.

Are there advantages being resident?

The college years are hilarious, but also (sometimes) very stressful! So we are fully aware of the importance of doing sports during this period.

In addition, we know the economic efforts that many families and students make to keep them in college, and even more, living in Vila.

It is for these two reasons that our residents (for whom the campus is their home) in addition to the part of the quota subsidized by the UAB, we contribute with another extra part. The goal is that the monthly fee for being resident is affordable enough for the maximum number of people to register.

To do this, you only need to prove that you are a resident of La Vila, showing the accommodation contract we sent you at the beginning of the course to your email, and you can enjoy special prices and not paying tuition the first time you sign up. You can consult all the details and requirements of the special rate for vilatans in this link.

Residents of Vila2 have a special regime that you can consult in the following link or by asking Vila, either coming to offices or contacting us.

Now there are few excuses for not doing sports, the SAF is waiting for you!