Frequently asked questions

Undergraduate students

Our offices are closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. You can collect your keys 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday.

On an exceptional basis, the first weekend of September our offices will be open on a reduced timetable. Check the homepage for the exact days and times.

Doctoral and other third-cycle students

If you are Master’s, post-graduate or doctoral student or any other third-cycle student, you can arrive weekends as long as you have notified your contact person in advance. You will have to go by the offices first thing Monday morning to formalise your entry and sign the contract.


Other groups

If you are just staying a brief time (you are a family member or friend of a resident, you come for a short stay at a UAB department or for a conference which is being held on campus, or if you are staying with us for any other reason), you can get your keys at weekends. If you are staying for less than one week, you cannot register for your stay until the Monday after you arrive, so the payment will be processed before your arrival, always with prior notification.

Once you have confirmed your reservation, if you cancel it for an academic reason we will reimburse your deposit, but if it is for personal reasons or reasons of convenience, we will not reimburse it.

If you need an accommodation certificate to process your visa or other bureaucratic paperwork, you have to pay the second part of the deposit when you submit your request for housing.

You can make a transfer to our bank account.

In the transfer, please note: date of deposit, amount of deposit and name of the student in the item line of the transfer.

Our bank account information:
Name of bank: CaixaBank
Account holder: Vila Universitària
Address: Campus de la UAB – 08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès) – Barcelona
Account number: 2100-0424-34-0200114567
IBAN code: ES-94 2100-0424-34-0200114567

However, you should bear in mind that transfers take longer to arrive and cost more money because of commissions, so we recommend that you pay by card via our website whenever possible.

Undergraduate students

Once your contract is over in June, if you have not renewed it for the next academic year the deposits will be reimbursed to your bank account in October, as soon as the water and electricity companies send their last invoices for June.

If you end the contract during the academic year, the deposits will be reimbursed to your bank account 8 weeks later.

Doctoral students, other third-cycle students and exchange students

The deposits will be returned in cash before you depart.

For this reason, when you come you should request a day and time for two steps:

  • First, an exit check of your flat so we can evaluate its condition.
  • Secondly, an appointment with the administrative department so it can reimburse you the corresponding amount.

Other groups

In these cases no deposit is needed.

We use direct debit for all your flat’s expenses (rent, water, electricity, etc.), so you have to open a bank account and provide us with the account number and IBAN code when you sign your contract. Remember that the amounts will be deducted between the 1st and 3rd of every month, and that any uncovered expenses will lead to bank fees.

The signer of the contract must be the holder of the bank account; otherwise they must provide a bank authorisation.

You always have to notify us as soon as possible, but bear in mind that it must be at least 30 days before your departure and always before the 1st or 15th of every month.

You can live at the Vila every day of every month that your contract lasts.

During the summer months (July and August), we offer personalised contracts by days, two-week periods and months.

The flat is fully furnished and the kitchen has a fridge and microwave. However, it does not come with sheets or kitchen utensils.

We offer a rental service for a pack that includes 1 set of sheets, a blanket, towels and kitchen utensils for a monthly fee of 12.10€. If you are interested in renting this pack and you arrive at a weekend, please notify your contact person.

The price of the contract is related to the length of your stay.

The contracts for undergraduate students are for 10 months and cost less. The price only includes rent, so water and electricity expenses are charged based on the consumption in each flat.

Other kinds of students can stay for shorter periods, but the monthly fee is slightly higher and some packages come with the utilities already included, primarily in order to make it easier to reimburse deposits.

When we say “utilities” we mean water and electricity expenses. Some groups of students have utilities included in their rent.

Undergraduate students

The prices vary depending on how much you consume. Each apartment has individual metres. Electricity is paid monthly (estimated and real consumption), while water is paid every two months.

Undergraduate students

These are the expenses of your community, such as cleaning of communal areas, 24-hour security service, swimming pool, landscaping and lifts. The total cost is 15 euros per month plus 21% VAT.

There are two café-restaurants at the Vila Universitària where you can eat your meals. The prices vary depending on the meal and the place.

You and your flatmates are responsible for cleaning your flat. At the start of the academic year the flat you enter will be clean, and you should leave it clean when you depart. If you want, the Vila can provide you with information on a cleaning service which you can pay to periodically clean your flat.

In this case you should ONLY write the first eight digits or letters of your passport.

In this case, enter the number of your national identity document from your country, but mark “passport” in the application.

The flats are always assigned to people of the same sex.

However, it is possible to live in a co-ed flat as long as the flat is full and an attachment to the contract is signed expressing your agreement with this arrangement.

The composition of co-ed flats shall be dissolved as soon as one place becomes vacant if the members do not search for another person to fill it.

Because of the latest changes in the data protection laws, the Vila Universitària cannot provide this information.

You can look for your flatmates in our Facebook group: Vila’s People.

The only thing we take into account when assigning students to flats is sex. We look at neither age nor field of study.

You may pay for the lunch and/or dinner service at Cau de la Vila restaurant.

You can contract it by days or longer periods, and you must arrange this directly with the restaurant.

The campus has a healthcare service located 500 metres from the farthest building in the Vila Universitària.

Check all the services available and timetables.