Deposits: Payment and reimbursement

First deposit

In order to make your reservation, you must make an initial payment of 170 euros as a deposit. This amount will be reimbursed if the reservation is cancelled for the following reasons:

– No places are available and you do not want to remain on the waiting list.
– For logistical reasons, you are unable to share a flat with the flatmates you had previously identified on your application form.
– You were not admitted to the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

In order to plead any of these reasons, it has to be notified before the date on which the contract should be signed. Once this date has gone by, the first monthly payment will be charged.

When you request reimbursement of the deposit, which must always be in writing, you must attach a document justifying one of the above reasons. SAVE THIS DOCUMENT UNTIL YOUR DEPOSIT HAS BEEN REIMBURSED in order to guarantee a smooth reimbursement process.

The Vila Universitària will reimburse the deposit in the same way you paid it. The deposit will be reimbursed 15 days after the notification, with the understanding that no deposits will be returned during the month of August.

NOTE: This amount will NOT be reimbursed if you do not bring justification prior to the deadline to sign contracts.


Second Deposit: Deposit upon signing the rental contract

The day that the contract is signed, you must pay the second instalment of the deposit. The amount is the cost of the monthly rent, which varies depending on the kind of flat to which you have been assigned. We do not accept cash.


Reimbursement of deposit

Once the contract has expired, if you have complied with all the agreements and obligations contained in it, the Vila Universitària will reimburse your deposit and the additional guarantee after the flat has been checked and the utilities invoices pending payment have been received. If there are any damages or unpaid invoices, the Vila Universitària will retain all or part of the deposit or additional guarantee, as needed.

The existence of this deposit and the additional guarantee shall never be used as a pretext to be late on rent payments or on any of the invoices that the tenant is responsible for paying.

The deposits will be retained from one academic year to the next as long as the student renews their contract.

If they do not renew their contract, the deposits will be reimbursed by bank transfer in late September, in alphabetical order, as soon as the real water and electricity metre readings are received, and the departure check has been made.

If you terminate the contract in the middle of the academic year, the deposits will be reimbursed 8 weeks after the end of the contract.

If you are an international student, the deposits will be reimbursed once the departure check of the flat is done.