First day at the Vila

Signing the contract:

On your first day at the Vila Universitària you’ll have plenty to do.

If this is your first year here, you’ll have to sign the rental contract at the Vila reception desk (remember to take a number!). Once you’ve signed it, you can come get your key from the tent that will be set up, and then you can move in!

What do you need to sign the contract? Easy-peasy!

  • Your Passport or ID.
  • credit card in order to pay the second deposit/bond (what’s that?).
  • Spanish bank account OR your regular bank account details.
  • YOU DO NOT need a Spanish bank account if your country belongs to SEPA (CHECK YOUR COUNTRY HERE). In this case, you’ll only need your regular bank account details (although, if you prefer to open a Spanish bank account and use it that’s completely up to you).

    YOU NEED a Spanish bank account if your country doesn’t belong to SEPA. If you haven’t opened one yet, don’t freak out. We recommend you to do so here in the UAB Campus. Why? Because it’s much easier and if you are living in Vila Universitaria just by showing your contract and passport or ID you’ll be able to open it with no extra costs. Also they’ll send you the details via e-mail.

If you lived with us the previous year, you signed your contract in May, so you can go directly to the tent to get your key.

Entrance inventory:

In the tent, you’ll find the team of block representatives, students like you but who have spent a bit more time here. They will go with you as your check the condition of your flat and fill out what we call the “Entrance Inventory Appendix”, reporting if there is anything that should be repaired or anything you want to note down.

Be really careful when filling up the Inventory document, write down everything that you think it needs to be noted: stains on the walls, broken furniture, blown bulbs, stuck blinds… This is very important because when you leave Vila we check the apartments and if there’s something wrong in it that wasn’t written on the Entrance Inventory you might be charged.

Welcome talks

Are you completely lost? Don’t worry, it’s normal! That’s why during the first few weeks of September we hold informative talks to help you situate yourself in the Vila and the UAB campus:

  • Vila and campus services.
  • How the Vila works: Invoicing, activities…
  • Getting around on and off campus.
  • Visit to the most important places on campus.
  • Environment.

Activities during September:

During the whole month activities will take place in Vila, so you can start meeting the rest of the residents! If you wanna keep up with all the activities follow us on Instagram: @vila_universitaria (official account).