Block representatives

Mar'yana Rutkovska, representative of blocks A – B

My name Mar’yana Rutkovska I study double degree in Business Administration and Law.

I live in Vila, partly due to the distance from my home, but also for many other advantatges that living in Vila provides. Among them is the saving of time to get into the uni, but it is also important the fact of living with many other students, who have the same desire to learn and enjoy life as I am.

The student’s life needs to be as realest as it can, and I do not imagine any better than living in Vila.

This year I am representative of blocks A and B I am eager to start a new year with new challenges, new experiences and new people.

Jordi Gaya, representative of blocks C – D

My name is Jordi Gaya Gas. I was born in Tortosa 20 years ago and I’m studying Journalism. For the past two years, I’ve had the privilege and responsibility of working at the Vila Universitària. Having left behind the job of being the host of Vila TV last year, now I am the representative of blocks C and D.

My personality is sociable, accessible and empathetic, which allows me to seek direct contact with my fellow Vila residents to help them answer any questions in the easiest, most human way possible, so they can get to know the person representing them better and learn to trust me. In my position, I encourage all residents to participate actively in all the activities that allow them to socialise and have fun. I also offer ideas and convey complaints from Vila residents to the management in an effort to make the Vila a better place every day. In short, I do everything possible to ensure that everyone integrates wonderfully and feels comfortable and at home, the way I do.

Xènia Carbó, representative of blocks E – F

Hey! My name is Xènia  and I am a student of English Studies and Reprensentative of blocks E and F.
The first time I came to visit Vila I felt in love of it and I have not still gone. That makes 4 years already… time rushes!

Vila is a very comfortable place to live and I love the people here. It is well connected and you are near everything you need.

That is why I am block representative, to help people who have doubts or problems, and also to make Vila an amazing place for them and make everyone who lives here feels so comfortable and happy as I am.

Olímpia Castro and Marta Garrido, representative of blocks G- H

¡Hola vilatanos!☺

We are Olimpia and Marta, we are 19 and study Psicology and Byochemistry respectively.

We met each other by chance because we had to share apartment last year and since then we are absolutelly inseparable.

For us Vila is the closest idea to Paradise. It has it all: calm to study, if you want to party there is always somebody to go with, “Dilluns Vilatans” a party on Monday that makes the week more bearable and when the hot reaches… swimming pool!

After our experience our first year in Vila, we can say it is our second home, and thise feeling of wellness is what we want to transmit being block representative. We have lots of ideas for activities to make you  have fun, to make you meet lots of people and to make this new period unforgetable!

So: JOIN US and be welcome!

Roger Miguel, representative of block K and modules X and Y:

My name is Roger and I’m from Vall de Boí. I’m studying Political Science and I’ve lived at the Vila for 3 years. Living at the Vila has allowed me to meet lots of people, and also to have a bit of independence by living along.

Being a block representative is a unique experience, since it’s the best way to help my fellow Vila residents, as well as to plan activities for all residents.

I encourage you to live at the Vila. It’s a unique chance to enjoy university life 100%.

Ares Mir, representative of modules L, M and N:

My name is Ares Mir and I was born in Lleida 21 years ago. I currently live in Barcelona (Bellaterra), where I’m studying Journalism in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Since I was a child, I have been interested in everything related to the world of communication and creativity. This is why I decided to become a representative, in order to enhance those skills. The Vila gives me everything I need in a home: peace and quiet, safety and clean air.

Consuelo Real, representative of blocks P, R, S and T

My name is Maria Consuelo Real Beneyto and I am the representative of modules P, R, S and T. I live in this module myself. I am a second-year student in Social and Cultural Anthropology and I am 19 years old. I chose this degree because I adore culture and am extremely interested in human behaviour. I am from Valencia and I came to Barcelona because this degree isn’t offered in Valencia. I became a representative because I’ve always liked helping people, and this is one way to do it with my peers. To me, the best part of the Vila is its proximity to the university, because I’m one of those people who has a hard time getting out of bed and this makes life much easier!