Soccer League Vila-Valldor7

La Liga de la Vila - Valldor7

La Vila - Valldor7 League

In Vila Universitaria we carry out a football league during the academic year.

From the 2017-2018 academic year we give it a more professional character and we give the management to Valldor7 Fundation.

This will not imply that prices reach other league levels. We subsidize a part in order to keep prices friendly to our residents (just compare with the other leagues managed by Valldor, both the number of games and the price).

In this change we look for all the players and all the players to be comfortable and to be able to guarantee that the basics of respect, sportsmanship and, above all, fun are met … preventing competitiveness beyond healthy limits.


With the professionalization of La Liga we not only gain in values, but also in quality and services. With the registration price, all teams will have:

– Official La Liga shirts, numbered, from the Joma brand.

– A Joma ball of his own.

– Professionalism in the team of referees.

– Update results and classification every 24 hours.

– Manager of competitions with control of statistics of each player.

– Mobile app for tracking the competition (iOs and Android)

– Personalized assistance (telephone, Whatsapp and e-mail)


Also in the prize we make a qualitative leap. The champion of La Liga de la Vila – Valldor7 2017-2018 (apart from obtaining the usual trophy) will go to the competition Nacional Joma de Fútbol 7 that will take place in Salouon June 8th, 9th, 10th 2018, with the expenses paid.

The prize includes:

– Registration in the championship

– Two nights’ accommodation

– Two breakfast

– A dinner

– Access to the final party of the championship.


Although day-to-day management will be carried out by Valldor, to facilitate the process, registrations will be made at Vila Universitaria’s reception from September 18 to October 11, 2017, so that you can start with the first matches the week of 16 Of October.

The League will have a minimum of 16 teams enrolled to be organized.

The price for equipment of Vila will be 500 €. “Vila team” shall mean all teams formed by at least 6 residents. Everything else will be external teams and the price to pay will be 700 €.


In order to participate, the team must have a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 11 players.

All participants will have an updated card that the referee will consult before each match; hence the identity card must always be kept. Otherwise you will not be able to play.

Between the months of December and February there will be a stop of the league for the exams, this period will be the possibility to register new members. Always keeping the aforementioned limits in the number of participants.

Point replacements

So that the league has continuity and the final result is not altered by specific participations of players that may unbalance the competition: these shares will be penalized with an amount of 5€ per player, which will have to be paid at the reception before the start of the game.

This player must carry the ID to make a punctual card, if not, like the rest of fixed players, will not be able to play.

Read here the complete rules of the Vila-Valldor7 League (Spanish)


The informative meeting, which the attendance of the captains will be compulsory, will take place in October, before starting to play.

From the beginning of the league, players and players will have a maximum of three weeks to fill out their form. Teams with players or players pending to sign on November 6, will be sanctioned.