Documentation needed to formalise the contract

Documentos para firmar el contrato

What do you need to sign the contract? easy-peasy!


Original national ID document or another document to verify your identity, such as a passport.

UAB enrollment document (original document – no copies accepted). If you have not yet enrolled, the deadline for bringing the enrollment document to the Vila office is the 11th of November.

Money or credit card to do the payment of the second deposit at the office (what’s the second deposit?), depending on the kind of flat you will live in (we will retain this deposit along with the initial 170€ as the complete deposit).

A Spanish bank account OR your regular bank account details, where we will automatically withdraw the monthly rent starting in September. The student must be the holder of the account, otherwise they must bring a bank authorisation.


YOU DO NOT need a Spanish bank account if your country belongs to SEPA (CHECK YOUR COUNTRY HERE). In this case, you’ll only need your regular bank account details (although, if you prefer to open a Spanish bank account and use it that’s completely up to you).


YOU NEED a Spanish bank account if your country doesn’t belong to SEPA. If you haven’t opened one yet, don’t freak out. We recommend you to do so here in the UAB Campus. Why? Because it’s much easier and if you are living in Vila Universitaria just by showing your contract and passport or ID you’ll be able to open it with no extra costs. Also, they’ll send you the details via e-mail.



Contracts signed by future residents who are still legal minors when they sign but who will turn 18 by the 1st of January 2019 will be considered valid.