During your stay

Vila UAB Living la Vila Loca!

Living la Vila Loca!

There are three facts that can shape your stay at the Vila: the activities, the block representatives and, of course, the other residents of the Vila.

In order to make sure that you feel at home from day one, the Residents’ Club, with the help of the representatives and interns, is in charge of sharing information on anything that might be of interest through welcome talks, and generating opportunities to mingle that will help you to get to know everyone, such as karaoke, block dinners and September activities.

To keep abreast of everything, connect to Vila Universitària’s different social media sites, especially the Facebook page and groups (Vila’s People and block groups, which are managed by the representatives).

Vila UAB Renew your place

Renew your place

During the month of May, you can renew your rental contract for the following academic year. If you are interested in keeping your place, come during the first reservation period. If, however, you want to change flats or change the kind of room within the same flat (from double to individual, or vice-versa), come during the second period.

We always publish the specific dates in late April, so be on the lookout!

Vila UAB Reception desk

Reception desk

Once you have moved in, if you need to report any maintenance incident, ask for an invoice, sign up for a Residents’ Club activity or ask any questions, this is where you can do it!

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm.

Timetable for incidents: Monday to Friday, 24 hours.

The reception desk is closed weekends, but the security team is available to help you with almost anything you may need. If they are unable to give you a hand, the team has an on-call telephone number to request assistance.

If you lose your key, or you can’t find it…

If you lose your key, come to the front desk, and we’ll give you a new one for 3,24 €.

If you forget your key inside your apartment during the week, from 8 am to 8 pm: you can come to the front desk, and we’ll give you a temporal key, so you can enter your place and get your key. This temporal key lasts 24 h and has to be returned to the reception as soon as you find your key.

If you forget your key inside your apartment on the weekend, or during the night: you can come to the front desk and ask Security to open the door for you. This service costs 3.24€.

Vila UAB Invoices


Every month you will pay the rent of your flat, which will be supplemented with your water and electricity consumption and a fee of 15 € + VAT for the maintenance and cleaning of the communal areas.

By water and electricity consumption we mean only what was consumed in your flat.

How does it work?


The Vila Universitària receives water bills every two months (each of the flats has its own water meter), divides the amount among the members of the flat and sends out another invoice for the amount that each of them owes.


In order for you to predict your monthly expenses, the Vila Universitària makes monthly charges with estimated amounts, and we adjust them once we receive the real amounts.

Therefore, in October an estimated amount will be charged. In November the amounts charged in the previous two months will be adjusted (the difference will be charged or reimbursed) and the estimated amount for the third month of rent will be charged, and so on throughout the 10 months of the contract.

These estimates have been calculated based on the average real consumption per month depending on the kind of flat.