Frequently Asked Questions Bachelor


During the month of July, the period opens to apply for a place in the Vila through the website, in the “Reserve your place” section. The places are assigned according to established criteria and the resolution comes out in August. We announce the dates of the period for making applications during the month of June on our website.

If you are a student from Baccalaureate:

  • University entrance note
  • Distance from your home to the UAB
  • If you have obtained a Scholarship in high school
  • If you have sisters or brothers residing in the Vila


If you come from other groups, a draw will be made before a notary.

The only aspect that is taken into account when organizing undergraduate students by floors is gender, neither age nor studies are valued.

The first year, mixed floors cannot be created. There is the possibility of making a mixed floor, as long as the floor is full and an attached document is signed giving approval. The composition of the mixed flats will be dissolved when there is a free place left, if the components do not take care of looking for another person so that it becomes complete again.

Two deposits are paid: the first of €170 at the time of formalizing the place application and the second at the time of coming to sign the contract. The latter has an amount equivalent to the rental of the place you have obtained. eye! It is not equivalent to the first month of payment. It is a deposit and will be returned once you leave Vila together with the first.

In Vila, apart from paying the base rent, consumption and community expenses are paid:

The price varies according to consumption and each floor has individual meters. Billing is done monthly in the case of electricity and bimonthly in terms of water. The total amount is divided monthly between the residents of the apartment in a proportional way.

The price of the community is €15 + VAT per month per person. These are all expenses related to cleaning common areas, 24-hour security service, swimming pool, gardening, elevators, etc.

The apartment is fully furnished and the kitchen has a fridge and microwave. Does not include household equipment, bedding or kitchen utensils. The mattress is 1.90 x 80cm. We offer a pack rental service that includes bedding, towels and kitchen utensils at a monthly cost of €12 + VAT.


You have to present yourself at the SAF reception to formalize the registration and you will have a special price to be a UAB student.


The renewal of the contract for the next course is usually done during the month of May and is done through the VilApp App. There are usually three periods:

  1. Renew on the same floor and square
  2. Change flats with a group of friends
  3. Change floors individually

If you are an undergraduate student, your contract will end on June 30 at 12:00 noon.

Yes, you can stay during July and August. Before finalizing your contract, you will receive all the information about it.

The day you leave Vila, you will have to leave the flat in the same condition as it was when you entered. Therefore, it will have to be left clean and tidy. Remember, it is very important that you do not leave any object on the floor since it may incur an additional cost during the check-out. On the following link you will find more information on how you have to leave the flat.

Yes, the maintenance staff will carry out an exit check on each floor to verify that it is in optimal conditions to guarantee the return of the deposits. Therefore, in order to avoid additional charges, it is essential to leave the flat as clean and tidy as possible.

No, the apartment has to be completely empty. However, at the end of June the left-luggage service will be enabled so that you can leave your belongings during the month of June and pick them up in September. This service costs €3 and you can leave a maximum of 5 boxes or suitcases. You will have to indicate your name and floor in the boxes and you will not be able to leave any electrical appliances.

This service is only for those residents who renew the contract. If you leave things and have not renewed or cancel the contract during the summer, it will cost €150 for storage.

Yes. The maintenance team will come to your house to see how your flat is and will explain to you what things they pay attention to when doing the “official” exit checks. However, you have to keep in mind that it is NOT an exit review, they will simply inform you about how the apartment should be when you leave. To arrange one of these reviews, you will have to be attentive to our Instagram, since all the information will be published there.

Before leaving you will have to come to reception to leave your Claki, even if it is not full, and leave another empty one on the floor. It is very important to leave one on the floor. Otherwise, it will cost €5.

You have to leave them clean before leaving the flat. In case of loss, the three bags have a cost of €6.

Before leaving Vila, you will have to go through reception to hand in the keys to the apartment and the mailbox.

At the end of the term of the contract, if the agreements and the obligations that derive have been faithfully fulfilled, Vila Universitaria will return the deposits once the apartment has been reviewed and the invoices for the fluids pending collection have been received. In case of finding any damage or unpaid invoices, Vila Universitaria will retain all or part of these as appropriate.

The deposits will be maintained from one course to another as long as the student renews his contract. In case it is not renewed, the deposits will be returned by bank transfer in October, in alphabetical order, as soon as the actual water and electricity readings are received and the exit review has been made.