Environmental improvement actions

Atomizers in the taps

They are pieces that we install in the mouth of the tap (or, in the case of the reforms, we already demand to the companies that install taps with this system) and allows to save water without losing the pressure.

The water jet maintains more or less the same pressure, but introduces air causing the actual water that comes out to be reduced. If, for example, in 1 minute without this piece we spend 10l, now we spend 5.

This has as a direct consequence the reduction of water use at the global level of the entire Villa as an institution, but also a clear decrease in the price of water on your bill.

Change of windows

Vila Universitaria has a cyclical policy of housing and space reforms. Within the long and short term objectives are always projected and evaluated.

In the new phase of reforms we are making special emphasis on changing windows.

The apartments already have a heating mechanism designed to reduce spending. It is a heat accumulator, which can “fill” at night (in the reduced rate schedule) and use it throughout the day (the autonomy can last more or less depending on the power they serve).

Now, what we are working on is that the heat produced is kept as long as possible. For this, we are making the change of the windows of the apartments. Optimizing, thus, the use and reducing the global consumption of electricity in the Villa. Important aspect to take care of our planet, although we use electricity from renewable sources, thanks to the contract with Aura Energía.

Electricity from renewable sources

Many of the light companies continue to use energy sources from fossil fuels, but the marketers of light with renewable energy are the future. This is the case of the electric commercialization company with which we work, Aura Energía, which only offers electricity tariffs from 100% renewable sources.

It is a consumption based on clean energy sources, which produce a very low or no impact on the environment. They are found on the planet in an unlimited amount or with a great capacity for regeneration because they will not extinguish in time.

The main advantage is that they do not emit greenhouse gases, so they contribute to curb global warming.

In addition, they have beneficial social and economic factors for the societies that develop them: it favors innovation and technological development, reduces dependence on countries without reserves of fossil fuels (oil or gas) and stimulates the creation of jobs.


We have changed the lighting (external and internal) of normal bulbs to LEDS (acronym in English for light-emitting diode): A TOTAL OF 2850 BULBS.

Energy savings
LED luminaires are more efficient consume less and produce the same or more light. As they require less power, they help your savings. They can make us save up to 80%.

More ecological
LED luminaires do not harm the environment because they do not contain toxic products. In addition, they help the planet because they consume less energy and are recyclable.

Longer duration
LEDs can have a life of up to 50 times more than incandescent lamps and 10 more than fluorescent lamps.

Light quality
LED technology offers a warmth and clarity of light better than in conventional. It makes them ideal for studying and especially for working with computers.

Greater diffusion of lighting.
LED bulbs emit little heat, so it enhances the emission of light. They light up more. This quality favors the planet, since it does not contribute to global warming.

They help health.
They do not emit ultraviolet or infrared rays. They do not damage the cells of the body nor are they carcinogenic.
Also, do not tire in sight, you can direct it to certain areas getting a balanced light and avoiding glare.

Waste separation

Vila Universitaria enjoys the privilege of being a residence where practically all nationalities coexist.
That is why we must transfer to other languages the way of recycling that we have here.

With this objective we have carried out two actions:

On the one hand, we have translated the posters of the containers of the entire Vila into Spanish and English. In addition, we have added pictograms. So the maximum possible people know what goes in each container.

On the other, you will find magnets in the refrigerators, where you can see what you have to throw in each of the sections and thus make a correct separation from home.

These are two of the actions carried out at the moment, but our intention is to continue adding elements that facilitate the task of separation of waste.

Claki: recycle used cooking oil

Did you know that a liter of cooking oil contaminates 1.000 liters of water?

Please, don’t pour your used cooking oil down the drain… from now on, recycling cooking oil will be much easier with Claki!


What’s Claki?

Claki is a plastic bottle where you can pour your used-cooking oil. Once full, take it to the reception and ask for a new one, so you can keep the recycling on!

Every apartment needs to have one Claki, so don’t forget to ask for yours! Easy, isn’t it?

Keep in mind that Claki belongs to your apartment, so you can’t take it with you when you leave Vila, otherwise, you’ll be charged.


We’re more than 2.500 people in Vila, if we don’t recycle we are seriously damaging the environment, and recycling is very easy!

If you want to know more about Claki, go to the website or don’t hesitate to write us, call us or come and see us.

The website is in Catalan only, but just in case you feel daring today… here you have it: https://www.claki.cat/

Thanks for taking care of the environment!