Frequently Asked Questions International


Depending on the semester you enrol at the UAB, there are several deadlines for lodging requests in Vila. You must submit an application starting on May 1 if you plan to attend UAB for the first semester. On the other hand, the application process begins on November 1 if you begin your studies in the second semester.

Too simple! Through the website, the request is submitted. Select “RESERVE YOUR PLACE” and complete the application by entering your personal information, preferred apartment, and arrival and departure dates. Additionally, you’ll need to pay a deposit of €170.

You must wait for the International Reservations Department to contact you and inform you of the request’s progress.

No. You have to wait to receive the accommodation confirmation. The allocation of places is made according to the arrival of the applications until completing the total number of places. The request is not a flat reservation.

It depends on the period in which you make the request. If you request accommodation for the first semester (from September to January) you will receive the confirmation from June 1. On the other hand, if you fill out the application for the second semester (from February to June), you will receive the confirmation from January 10. You will receive the confirmation by email.

It is an amount that you have to pay as a guarantee of the fulfillment of the contract. In total you have to pay two deposits. The first is €170 and is paid at the time of making the request on the web. The second deposit is paid at the time of signing the contract and the value of the amount corresponds to a monthly payment. Keep in mind that the first deposit is NOT the payment of the first monthly payment.

Yes. The two deposits are returned by bank transfer at the end of the stay in Vila. The return period is from 10 weeks from the date of termination of the contract.

In that case, you have to write ONLY the first eight digits of the document, whether they are letters or numbers.

Yes. Enter the identity number of the national document of your country, but mark passport in the application.


You can request up to five different types of apartments in shared or single rooms.

Double room:

  • Two person apartment
  • Three person apartment
  • Four person apartment
  • Five person apartment

Single room:

  • Three person apartment
  • Five person flat



  • Shared use (two people maximum)
  • Single Use


Most of the places offered are in a shared room.


Yes, they all have a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with microwave, fridge, extractor hood and ceramic hob.

The flat is fully furnished, but the apartments do NOT have equipment. That is, there are no kitchen utensils, no towels, no bedding, no pillow. In Vila you can rent it for €14.52 per month. Vila’s mattress measures 1.90 x 80.


To sign the contract, it is essential to have an identity document or passport, make the payment of the second deposit by card and bank details (if you reside in the SEPA ZONE).

The acceptance letter is a document provided by the International Relations Area indicating that you have been accepted at the UAB to carry out an exchange.

Yes, there are two types of fees:

  • Rate with consumption included: you will have this rate if your stay is less than 10 months. The price includes rent, water, electricity and community expenses. It is a fixed monthly price.
  • Rate without consumption included: this will be your rate if your stay is 10 months. To the price of accommodation must be added the consumption of water, electricity and community.

These are all the expenses derived from your community, such as cleaning common areas, 24-hour security service, swimming pool, gardening, elevators, maintenance, etc. These expenses have a cost of €15 + 21% VAT per month.

With consumption we mean the water and electricity you spend in the apartment. Remember that if your stay is less than 10 months, these consumptions will have a fixed price.

You must choose one of the following options to pay your rent:

  • Spanish bank account
  • International bank account (only for residents of the SEPA ZONE)
  • Pay the entire stay at once with a card (only if you have a rate with consumption included)


We do not accept cash payments. You can only use the card if you pay for the entire stay at once, that is, in a single payment.

No, rent cannot be paid month to month.

Yes. You just have to let us know that your arrival will be on the weekend so we can prepare the keys to your apartment. You can pick them up at the Security desk. You will have to go through reception on Monday first thing in the morning to formalize the entry and sign the contract.

The minimum stay is 4 months and the maximum stay is 10 months.

Yes, but you will always have to notify one month in advance.

Not if the reason you are canceling is academic. In the event that the reason is not academic, you would lose the two deposits paid.

No, the contract can only be signed in person at the reception.

Until the day of arrival you will not know which apartment you will live in during your stay in Vila.

No, the Data Protection Law does not allow us to provide data of other people.


You have to go to the reception to sign the contract and pay the deposit. Once you have signed, we will give you the key and you can settle in.

Yes, it’s called International Support Service and it’s located in Plaza Cívica.


If you are an undergraduate student, your contract will end on June 30 at 12:00 noon.

Yes, you can stay during July and August. Before finalizing your contract, you will receive all the information about it.

The day you leave Vila, you will have to leave the flat in the same condition as it was when you entered. Therefore, it will have to be left clean and tidy. Remember, it is very important that you do not leave any object on the floor since it may incur an additional cost during the check-out. In the following link you will find more information on how you have to leave the flat.

Yes, the maintenance staff will carry out an exit check on each floor to verify that it is in optimal conditions to guarantee the return of the deposits. Therefore, in order to avoid additional charges, it is essential to leave the flat as clean and tidy as possible.

Yes. The maintenance team will come to your house to see how your flat is and will explain to you what things they pay attention to when doing the “official” exit checks. However, you have to keep in mind that it is NOT an exit review, they will simply inform you about how the apartment should be when you leave. To arrange one of these reviews, you will have to be attentive to our Instagram, since all the information will be published there.

Before leaving you will have to come to reception to leave your Claki, even if it is not full, and leave another empty one on the floor. It is very important to leave one on the floor. Otherwise, it will cost €5.

You have to leave them clean before leaving the flat. In case of loss, the three bags have a cost of €6.

Before leaving Vila, you will have to go through reception to hand in the keys to the apartment and the mailbox.