Students from UAB Idiomes and Study Abroad programmes

For students of the specific programmes of the Autonomous University of Barcelona Foundation: UAB Idiomas and Study Abroad we have some accommodation options, however, our recommendation for this type of students is that they stay in Host Families:


Living together in a local family will allow you to enter the culture of our country and the city’s lifestyle in an authentic way, ensuring you, too, an optimum progress in language learning, since most our families do not speak foreign languages.

For full integration, you have the option to add half board to your stay (breakfasts and dinners). Although it is not mandatory, we recommend it, as you do not always have the possibility to taste authentic homemade food when you are abroad.

It is, without doubt, the most enriching way to live this experience.

Our families

They can be couples, marriages or people living alone, with or without children … they are accustomed to hosting students and foreigners. They have been specially selected to guarantee a good welcome and your comfort.

They are people who have demonstrated their desire to receive students like you, hospitable, with the desire to share their knowledge and get in touch with new cultures.

One of the local aspects that most strikes us when we travel is the gastronomy. So we choose the host families who like to prepare typical cuisine of our region and other Spanish regions and that are receptive to new proposals that you can make of your own.


Like all members of your family, you will also have a set of keys to get in and out of the house when you want and with total freedom. A tip to avoid misunderstandings is to consult your family if there is any kind of rule that you should know. It is important that you talk a lot with them about all those issues related to coexistence and other issues that may interest you.

In Host Families as a general rule is prohibited to take guests, however, you can always consult and in some cases reach a favorable agreement for both parties.


All families live in pleasant neighborhoods, with all kinds of shops and with easy and comfortable access to the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Eixample Campus, Hospital Sant Pau – Casa Convalecencia and Uab Idiomas.


Rooms will never be shared with students from other groups or other individual students you do not know.

If you come alone, you will have a single room. In the case of coming with a friend you will be able to choose if each of you have a single room or if you prefer to share one.

To the lodging you can add the board that interest you more: full board, half board (breakfast and dinner) or just the breakfast. Either option includes weekends.

Tell us your preferences

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