Services and shops

The Vila has all the basic services you may need and a few additional ones so that you can take care of all your needs without having to leave.

A bit of everything: food (meat, cheese, biscuits, bread, fruit, vegetables, etc), cleaning and bathroom articles…

Open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

Block G Tel. 93 581 71 20


Support classes, consultancy and help in the elaboration of works, bibliographies, etc.

Block A Tel. 93 586 44 92


Driving licences for motorbike, car or any other vehicle at student prices and with the quality of Campus Driving Schools.

Block H
Tel. 93 580 48 20


Daily specials, sandwiches and other dishes.

From Monday to Saturday from 8am to 10.30pm.

Sundays from 1pm to 22.30pm.

Telephone: 672 383 191


Assorted sandwiches and combined dishes. Music and friendly atmosphere.

From Monday to Sunday, from 8 am. until 12pm.

Block G Tel. 93 580 04 95


Laundry, drying and ironing service, also self-service; dry cleaning and treatments for special clothing. From Monday to Sunday, from 7 am. to 11 pm.

Block D
Tel. 93 580 67 45


Kiosk, stationery, gifts, candies.

From Monday to Friday, from 9am. to 3pm. and from 4 to 9pm.

Saturdays from 9 am. until 2 pm.

Block C Tel. 93 592 98 90