Programmes and interns

In academic year 2017/2018 we are sponsoring the following programmes:

Whiskers, entertainment team organized to create activities for all the members of the Vila community.

VilaTV, which is particularly targeted at students in the Faculty of Communication. This is a YouTube channel where Vila residents can learn about what is happening in our residence. In the next phase of this project, we hope that it can be aired on the Vila televisions.

Gat Moix. UAB students are not the only ones who live in our residence. So does a group of cats which our Gat Moix team keeps watch over: they keep track of the colony, count them, feed them and care for them when needed. It is an animal care programme with results that are highly valued by the Veterinary Medicine faculty of the UAB.

IT programme: a project aimed at improving residents’ connectivity to our Wi-Fi network.


And these are the interns that make it all possible:

Whiskers - Entertainment

My name is Mar’yana Rutkovska and I study the double degree in Administration and Direction of Companies and Law. I live in the Vila, apart from the distance with my house, for all the advantages that brings me living. Among them is the saving of arrival time at the classes, but it is also important to live among students, with the same desire to learn and enjoy life. The life of a student must live in the most real possible way, and I can see no other than the Villa. I am part of the Whiskers team and I really want to start a new course, with new challenges, new illusions, new people and unique experiences.

Whiskers - Entertainment

My name is Ares Mir and I was born in Lleida 21 years ago. I currently live in Barcelona (Bellaterra), where I’m studying Journalism in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Since I was a child, I have been interested in everything related to the world of communication and creativity. This is why I decided to become a block representative, first, and now Whisker in order to enhance those skills.

The Vila gives me everything I need in a home: peace and quiet, safety and clean air.

Vila TV

Hello! My name is María Sangalli, I am studying Audiovisual Communication and I am member of the Vila Tv tema, Vila Universitaria’s YouTube channel

I cannot think better of the Vila to experience the university to the fullest and that is why this year I repeated without thinking twice. The parties until dawn, the afternoons of volleyball and swimming pool and the nights of study (always surrounded by friends, of course) do not change them for nothing. And … what better than to contribute with VilaTV to share these experiences with the rest of vilatans and try that each one contribute its granite to the project?!

To participate contact us at!



Hi, my name is Leire Alonso, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Bilbao. I’m studying Audiovisual Communication and I’ve been living in Vila since I started my university studies.

After these years of Vilatana coexistence, I can say that here, good times and fun are assured. The Vila is the ideal place to combine the studies with the leisure, all of the hand of hundreds of wonderful people.

That is why one more year I choose Vila as place of residence, and what better way to do it than being part of the Vila Tv tema, Vila Universitaria’s YouTube channel. To present my passion for the audiovisual showing the home where I have learned so much the last few years is incredible. I just hope to convey this feeling in each and every one of the videos.


Gat Moix

Hello! We are Joana Anyó, Maria Bermúdez and Marc Noguera, this year we are the responsible for Gat Moix program (which takes care of the cats living in Vila).

This is our second year in Veterinary Faculty and also our second year in Vila, where we decided to stay because of the good ambient and the proximity to our faculty, and also the chance to meet people from other regions and countries.

As Veterinary students we love animals and we really concern about how they are, that’s mainly why we are taking care of this program, but also because it allows us starting to get in contact with the real day-to-day of a vet.

We are the responsible for the program, but it could not be real without the volunteers, so if you care about animals as much as us and you want to collaborate, contact us!

IT programme

Hello, my name is Jorge Redondo; I am 23 years old and I am from La Rioja.

I am in the second year of Computer Engineering, as well as being technical in Systems and Networks.

This will be my second year in Vila, and I repeat because of the good atmosphere, it is very easy to meet people from all over Spain, because we are located inside the campus, so it is very easy to reach the faculties, and f or the services it has.

I have enrolled the IT team to gain experience in the sector in which I would like to work and help all residents with their devices.