Mission and human team


The mission of the Vila Universitària is provide housing for the UAB university community by offering high-quality accommodation services and further fostering residents’ educational development and integration into the university setting.

The management model of the Vila Universitària aims to optimise resources through efficient organisation and rigorous monitoring of its implementation. The objective is to operate a public service with a clear aim of economic self-sufficiency and the goal of reinvesting all the surpluses back into the public university system that developed it.

Vila Universitària Mission and human team

Human Team

The Vila Universitària is made up of a young, dynamic, accessible team who are always willing to give you a hand.

We are organised into different departments:

Manager: María Luz Pacheco

Administration: Josep Antón Arellano, Victòria Espallargas, Roser Ruiz

Accommodations and Resident Care: Nélida Falcó, Esther Cucala, Priscil·la Davies, Anna Pastor, Aldara González, Carmen González, Oscar Jiménez, Raquel Jiménez, Sara Muñoz de León,  Raquel Muñoz, Albert Roca.

Promotion, communication and responsible of the program Bloc Representatives and Interns: Alexandra Fumanal

Sales and Service Management: Esperança Lleixà

IT: Jhonney Caicedo

Maintenance: Francesca Hernandez, Alberto Hinojosa, Gemma Garcia, Gemma Marcos, Antonio Polonio, Carlos Ruiz , José Sánchez.